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Akko ACR64 DIY Kit - Black

RM 249.00
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Akko’s First Acrylic Gasket DIY Kit;

Gasket mount (3.0mm High-Density EVA);

Wired Type-C (supports Type-C to Type-C as well );

RGB Backlit with 6028 SMD LED;

Case Material: Acrylic, Laser, CNC, SandBlast;

PC/FR4 Plate (based on batches);

TTC 5-pin Hot-swappable Socket;

Plate Mount Stabilizer;

Noise Reduction Foam (3.5mm High Density EVA);


Comes with a Coiled Cable (Matching Acrylic Color).

NOTE: All acrylic DIY Kit will come with two Akko switches installed on the top left and lower right key for positioning purposes only.

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